Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Puppy Update & Weekend fun

Well the puppies are 3 weeks old now and they have already changed so much. They all now have their eyes open and are starting to be a lot more mobile. It's pretty fun when you walk in the room and they're all crawling all over each other, then you say something and they look at you. Then when I put my hands in their cage they all come over to get turns at being pet and loved on. Now, with them growing they're also finding their vocal cords, it's hilarious to hear them growl and make all of their little noises. We've been pretty lucky, because they aren't too noisy at night (yet). I think I get a new favorite one every day, but as of right now it's one of the three boys, he's white with light brown spots, he's adorable!
My of right now.

This last weekend was a ton of fun, because we actually got out and did something. The weather was amazing, 82 degrees and sunny! Sunday we went to the Florida Strawberry Festival, it's just like a big fair. We walked around and looked at all the vendors booths, had yummy strawberry shortcake, then tried to decide what deep fried thing we were going to eat (they literally had anything you could think of available deep fried, oh, and they even had chocolate dipped bacon!), I decided on an onion blossom and Chance had a corn dog that was a mile long! After about four hours and Quentin not having a nap, we decided to call it a day.

Monday we got to go deep sea fishing with Jim and Julie (Chance's Dad and his wife). This was the third attempt at going, because the first two times had to be cancelled, due to poor weather. The saying 'third times a charm' proved to be true for us. The weather was amazing again (84 degrees) and the water was literally like glass. Now, we're talking about the ocean here and for it to be like that, we were very lucky! There were a couple people on our boat that said they usually get sea sick, but this was the first time that they didn't. Now, I have to say in the morning I was thinking it might be a little boring because it was like an old folks convention on the boat or something, seriously, everyone on the boat had me and Chance by at least 30 years. It turned out to be a blast! I seriously will do it again in a heart beat! We not only got a killer deal, but the crew on the 'Miss Virginia' were awesome! I caught way more fish than Chance did and I have to say, it feels pretty good to brag about that. Although, it doesn't have anything to do with skill, but we'll pretend. We let Jim and Julie keep all the fish we caught, because we're not big seafood eaters. After Jim got home he battered some of the fish (they're called Grunt) and fried them. I tried some and I have to say it was pretty tasty!
My first catch, Chance didn't have the camera out in time to get a pic before we had the hook out of its mouth

Chance's first catch

The blowfish that Jim caught

On our way back to the dock